Australian-Born DJ Rachel flagged as ‘One To Watch’ by Pulse Radio

DJ Rachel Lyn


DJ Rachel  is an Australian-Born, London-based DJ regular on London’s Hoxton FM. Originally from the Southern Highlands NSW, Rachel moved to Sydney then Italy before settling in London to attend Point Blank Music College. She’s racked up various career options as a model, magazine stylist and fitness instructor before focusing on Techno. Her style of sound settles as deep, dark and sensual.

“I don’t really have any rules,” says Rachel about her Thursday afternoon radio show, called ‘You Call It Deep’. “It’s broadcasted live on the decks and I like to keep it about the music. Everything is about the music.”

Rachel describes her sound as “all types of house-techno”, but she admits that she’s still finding her musical identity. “I don’t just want to be a ‘play everything’ DJ, I want to start developing a niche. I’m happy with my sound right now; it’s deep techno, punchy bass – you can’t not dance to it!”
Things have been moving very fast for Rachel; she has been touring Europe – supporting, amongst others, Blond:ish at i.Boat. “They’re amazing DJs and producers. I played a crazy techno set afterwards. That was the first time for me that people were screaming during the set and having such a good time.”
Now, Rachel’s focus is touring. She’s embarking on a whistle-stop Australian tour in January, playing alongside Björn Wilke at the Spice Cellar on January 12.
“Right now, I’m preparing tracks and it’s important to me that the tracks I choose represent me. It’s dark, deep techno. It’s a sexy sound.”
“I try to come back [to Sydney] every year to see my family, but this year it was important to come back for the tour. I wasn’t expecting to have so many gigs; I’m just happy to be working here, it’s exciting.”
When Rachel returns to London, she has plans to start laying down some tracks of her own: “I know exactly what sound I want to make, and I have been writing lyrics so I just need to produce it. I don’t know when but I’m planning for later in 2013.” 
You can find DJ Rachel on Twitter and listen to her music on SoundCloud here.