Audiomack is the music streaming platform of the future!

Audiomack is a music streaming platform that allows creators to share unlimited music and podcast content for free. Our radio manager Anthony Milton built our Blue Pie Records profile from the ground up, and it has been very successful so far! It contains both hits from our partner company Blue Pie, as well as those from our own DJ Central catalogue, all in one place! And that place certainly seems like a sweet place to be… check out these stats!

Current profile stats:
Monthly listeners | 573
Total plays | 7,963
Followers | 9

Most popular tracks:

  • DL Down3r – Suga Boom Boom – 2.23k plays
  • Charass – Coco Butter – 1.45k plays
  • DL Down3r – River (Remix) – 483 plays
  • Barry Crocker – Sings For You – 538 plays
  • Barry Crocker – Bazazz – 243 plays
  • B-Bless – Passenger – 401 plays
  • Obesere – Ebelusa – 359 plays
  • DL Down3r – Throw It Up – 200 plays
  • Key Loch – Come Home To Me – 168 plays

Big numbers for the early days that it is yet! A radio hype platform for singles and big records is generally our use for Audiomack, and it’s the perfect place for uploading both our catalogue and older episodes of our radio shows! And as ever, Down3r is quite popular on the site, as you can see from the above stats… All the above artists are worthy of attention, and if you’re unfamiliar, now’s the time to discover them!

Click here to start listening to some killer hits on Audiomack!

This initiative is part of several radio based platforms that Blue Pie and DJ Central are cooperating with. Through radio distribution, creating our own shows, and uploading our music to all manner of streaming services, we’re venturing into new worlds of marketing. Our Latin American team are hitting the ground running and helping us to market singles around the world. The efforts of team members such as Sabrina Di Claudio changes the way we go about all of this, and with artists such as DL Down3r, Key Loch, and Kay L, the talent is there and the sky is the limit! This particular journey into the world of radio is but one of many, and with the excellent results we’ve been getting from all of them, we can’t wait to see what else the future holds!

Audiomack is going to be critical to our future endeavours on this path, whether it be bringing this catalogue to radio stations or the general public. These numbers don’t lie – the people love Audiomack and they love the music that the service is helping push into the public eye! Audiomack is definitely a contender, and it’s nice to see that our music is, too!