F.A.BFAB aka Fabriazo Langford,  hails from Booysens Park, Port Elizabeth. He started rapping at the age of 11 doing some of SNOW’s rhymes on the street corners of Booysens Park and at age 13 he started writing his own material. He relocated to Johannesburg in 2004 and has been developing his music and growing his fan base ever since. He has worked with super star Stefan Ludik on 3 tracks namely “Thug life”, “Lose control” and “Keep it real”.

F.A.B is an incredible live performer and is very passionate about connecting and reaching new fans all over the world. He is a trained tattoo artist and thus appreciates art in different forms other than music and anyone he gets to work with, from kids all across to the more mature audience.

In 2014, F.A.B secured a publishing, distribution and marketing deal with Australian based Blue Pie Records and Honk Kong based DJ Central Records. With the help of Cedric Matshazi, CEO of PIYE Records and the label support team at DJ Central Records, FAB will be released on the SONY RED platform in the USA with his new album. F.A.B is a DJ Central Records and PIYE Records artist and is available at all leading digital retailers on the planet.

Visit www.piyerecords.co.za for more info and follow F.A.B on twitter @fabriazo. You can also visit the official F.A.B website at www.fabmuzik.com

For more information on PIYE Records or to book interviews and media appearances then please contact Cedric on  info@piyerecords.co.za or tel: 0825268942 ,+27 825268942

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