Hailing from Newcastle, NSW, Jeffrey Pope aka “Popey”, has music running through his veins. Back in 2010, Popey burst onto the Newcastle local pub music scene as a drummer for a number of local Newcastle bands. This intense live performance period helped Popey to hone his song writing skills. In 2012, he had landed a recording and publishing agreement with Blue Pie Records. Fast forward to 2014 and the many years beyond it, and Popey is now following his dream to become a singer/songwriter. With hit EPs like “Live it Up”, out now on Blue Pie Records’ partner label DJ Central Records, musical life has never been better for Popey!

After working up the demos for his “Live it Up” EP, Popey then teamed up with Mr Noble Taylor ( to arrange and write some of the harmonies. Noble loved all the energy flowing on the tracks, and while he declined to do the harmonies, he said he would help produce his new EP. This batch of fresh tunes is full of energy and it is hard to stop yourself from dancing straight away. As Noble says: “Pope’s energy is non-stop and it is very hard not to get up and start moving to these songs, he has a great future and I am glad we have been able to connect on this project”.

With the help of Damien Reilly from Blue Pie Records, the demo songs were submitted to Mr Danny Saber, ( one of the USA’s legendary producers based out of LA. Danny’s past credits include U2., The Rolling Stones, Jack Black and David Bowie to name a few. Danny recognised the talent in Jeffrey immediately and agreed to produce the EP, and work up some incredible mixes with Damien Reilly riding shotgun. The vibe was to bring some of the rock elements that Popey loved and to blend this with the dance and club sounds that are happening right now. As Damien says: “Noble Taylor has done an incredible job to drop in the harmonies and put his magic melodious touch to this body of work. The EP is one slamming pop/dance record that appeals to a very wide audience.”

As Jeffrey Pope says: “ The experience of working with Danny, Damien and Noble has been like a dream come true. To have some great people working with me, to turn my songs that I have bashed out on my guitar into these club and foot stomping dance tracks that really get your energy going. Danny, Noble and Damien have done an amazing job, and I am looking forward to completing an album in the near future with the guys. This is my first real batch of songs that I know will connect with the fans, everyone keeps telling me they love the music so I am now hard at work on the next batch of tracks”. And indeed, the tracks that he went on to produce with Blue Pie lived up to everyone’s expectations!

The first single from Popey’s famous EP is “Sippin”, and you can download the entire EP on iTunes globally. See the link down further in the site. Jeffrey Pope is part of the DJ Central Records Family of Artists.