AraabMuzik accused of plagiarism

Recently  Blogs,Twitter and Facebook came alive with controversy when Trance producer Adam K took to FACEBOOK  to  publicly accuse  festival favorite  ARAABMUZIK  of plagiarism.

‘4am’  is the Adam K and Soha Produced track  which Araabmuzik is accused of  “Just placing a drum beat over’ to create his  new song ‘Streets Tonight’.

“araabMUZIK you can remove your facebook tags but everyone knows you are still a fraud.anyone who can produce doesn’t steal entire songs and call them their own”  was just one of the posts the ULTRA affiliated Producer aimed at Araab.

It is rumoured there may be legal consequences for Araab, but it seems unlikely as he has just announced his forthcoming project (featuring Diplo and Skrillex) is be released through ULTRA.


What do you think?

Check out the tracks below.