Andrea Godin – Doll With a Motive

This Saturday 6th September, Andrea Godin will be joining the team from Motives Cosmetics.

She will be performing her newest repertoire live on the runway at Prestige Nightclub in Toronto.  Set ablaze with young designer fashion and make up artistry, the show will be a colourful and dazzling eruption of talent.  General admission is from 7pm onwards.

This pop/dance/R&B princess is not only eye candy, but her voice will blow you away.  Her debut EP was released in 2010, but since then she has been busy building a name for herself.  Grammy nominated artist Ryan Farish joined forces with the little songstress on her track Memories, which catapulted to number 44 on the iTunes Top 100 Dance Charts.  Safe to say we are in for an exciting night!

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