Airplay Direct bringing our catalogue new life!

DJ Central is pleased to be partnered with AirPlay Direct. The services that the platform provides are unparalleled. All releases from our catalogue both new and old are uploaded to the site, and from there, they are recommended to radio stations and the general public across the globe. The general public can play any track from any artist, but only radio stations can download the tracks themselves.
Every 30 days, our radio manager Anthony Milton sends a Digital Press Kit associated with each of our artists to radio stations via AirPlay Direct. Should the stations enjoy the submissions, they can download the tracks and play them on their radio station! This is exactly how viral hits like Eedris Abdulkareem’s Country Hard have earned the clout which they possess! Once the radio stations have downloaded the tracks, the artists are awarded the rare and coveted Radio Credits, which are based on how many stations played a track. These are difficult to attain and attest to an artist’s overall quality! Here are some examples.

  • Bon Scott – 5 Radio Credits

  • David Juliet – 6 Radio Credits

  • Jack Derwin – 6 Radio Credits

  • Oohlala – 5 Radio Credits

  • Radio Drive – 5 Radio Credits

This initiative is part of several radio based platforms that Blue Pie and DJ Central are cooperating with. Through radio distribution, creating our own shows, and uploading our music to all manner of streaming services, we’re venturing into new worlds of marketing. Our Latin American team are hitting the ground running and helping us to market singles around the world. The efforts of team members such as Sabrina Di Claudio changes the way we go about all of this, and with artists such as DL Down3r, Key Loch, and Kay L, the talent is there and the sky is the limit! This particular journey into the world of radio is but one of many, and with the excellent results we’ve been getting from all of them, we can’t wait to see what else the future holds!

AirPlay has proven to be a massively successful platform to engage with, and it’s thanks to it that many of our artists are soaring so highly lately!