A DJ CENTRAL EXCLUSIVE! Tekno’s Sudden is suddenly over 1.3 million plays on Spotify!

Previously, we expressed our deepest admiration and excitement that Sudden was getting the attention it deserved! Across multiple platforms, the single and its instrumental counterpart rapidly accrued hundreds of thousands of plays merely weeks after they dropped. Now, in a DJ Central EXCLUSIVE story, we are pleased to take you readers on a journey of realisation. Realising just how wild and impactful this track is… in the few months that Sudden has been out, it has gained over 1.3 MILLION plays on Spotify, and even more across other platforms combined!

Tekno’s work is truly a series of modern classics, and this just goes to show that. As some of the comments in the Sudden music video say, “Tekno has released a banger! In other news, the sky is blue.”

Can you handle the hype? Were you one of the millions who tuned in? Even if you’re just discovering Tekno now, there’s no shame in it! There’s no time that’s too late to discover his excellent work. The man featured alongside Beyoncé’s “DON’T JEALOUS ME”, a song from the companion album to the contemporary AAA live action Lion King movie, after all. Quality like that isn’t bottled lightning, it’s a continuous thunderstorm that rumbles constantly with each song that Tekno drops. And drop them, he does! We’ve got more to look forward to in the future from his release schedule, Sudden is only a part of it, albeit a really juicy part! You know what they say about great artists – whatever their medium is, they won’t stop creating!

As you can see, the clout Tekno brings to the table in his music isn’t just for show, and he has what it takes to back it up! Tekno featuring on Beyoncé’s amazing album is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a reason why the man has, count em, one, two, three, FOUR different Facebook pages, and all of them have a decently impressive followerbase. It really goes to show you how impactful to the music scene he’s been! If you wanted to see why for yourself, check out his links down below…

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