25 Clubs You Must Visit Before You Die

In the mix compiled a list of 25 of the top clubs people need to visit and experience before they die. What makes it interesting is the fact that the list includes unfamiliar hot spots and run down dark sweaty basements. In the mix are confident and swear by the list that the discoveries and clubbing adventures you will encounter is an experience not to be missed.

25. Row 14 (Barcelona, Spain)
24. Social Club (Paris, France)
23. Talta Club (Sofia, Bulgaria)
22. The Electric Pickle (Miami, USA)
21. Output (Brooklyn, USA)
20. Sankeys (Ibiza, Spain)
19. Stereo (Montreal, Canada)
18. Ego (Hamburg, Germany)
17. Trouw (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
16. Plastic People (London, UK)
15. Cocorico (Riccione, Italy)
14. BO18 (Beirut, Lebanon)
13. Paradise Club (Mykonos, Greece)
12. D-Edge (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
11. Lux Fragil (Lisbon, Portugal)
10. Robert Johnson (Frankfurt, Germany)
9.Club der Visionaire (Berlin, Germany)
8. Papaya (Island of Pag, Croatia)
7. AgeHa (Tokyo, Japan)
6. Avalon (L.A, USA)
5. Sirena Club (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
4. Sub Club (Gasgow, Scotland
3. Fabrik (Madrid, Spain)
2. ARMA17 (Moscow, Russia)
1. Warung Beach Club (Itajai, Brazil)

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