100k and still going! Hear Me Now is a hit – Gabriel Fernandez would be proud!

DL Down3r’s latest single “Hear Me Now” is at 100,000 streams on YouTube/iTunes and Spotify! This latest milestone in the rapper’s career is important, given the emotionally charged subject matter of the single… Perhaps even rivalling Wear Me Down in terms of tearjerker factor.

 The song comes from Down3r’s heart upon hearing the story of Gabriel Fernandez, a child who endured multiple instances of hatred and abuse before being murdered by those who were meant to care for him. Recently surging to fame due to the true crime documentary on Netflix, “Trials of Gabriel Fernandez”, the child has become an icon to represent the failure of America’s law enforcement, and the hatred and abuse that lives in the hearts of supposed caregivers across society. Uno, Jay Tablet, and of course, Down3r himself, have put their emotions and thoughts into this piece, rendering this gruesome story in a passionate light. A fitting eulogy, may Gabriel rest in peace.

So that’s why it’s even better that Gabriel’s story in particular is seeing these numbers… nobody could hear him in life. But can you Hear Him Now? According to those numbers, the answer is yes, and that’s a touching outcome. Nobody could ask for anything better, aside from more attention… and with the trends of growth since last time, it looks like that could very well become a reality for the future!

Hear Me Now Video Links:

Down3r has always been one to express his emotions with pride. Just look at the message behind Suga Boom Boom, or the raw power of Wear Me Down! Well this is another hard hitting blow straight from his heart that his fans are sure to enjoy, and that newcomers who discovered this track through the legacy of Gabriel are sure to resonate with… that’s what we said last time. And would you look at that, it came true! Bless you all for your support of this tribute – a tribute toward an unfortunate soul who deserved better. Down3r and crew have helped this come to life even more – when you think about it that way, a tribute given life through passion in the name of the less fortunate, you start to see why Down3r is considered a true artist.

And for the few of you in the readerbase who are STILL unlucky enough to have not heard of Down3r after all this time and aren’t sure where to start, consider this an introduction to the rest of your hip hop life!

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