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Johnny Bennett Delivers Two New Videos For DJ Central TV

Blue Pie artist and DJ Central Business Developer, Johnny Bennett, is not only bringing his musical talent to the Blue Pie label but also to the DJ Central TV production by delivering two new videos for DJC TV.

The first video clip is a collaboration where Johnny is featured with Polly Mono in the song, “I’ll Make It Happen”. The second video clip is another collaboration, which features Johnny and DJ Busy B in the song “Running In Circles” from their DJ Central Records Collaboration “40-0”. The DJ Central is proud of the hard work contributed by everyone involved and can’t wait to see the clips up and running on the TV Show, Muzu and Blue Pie’s Youtube channel. In the meantime, you can preview this video clips on Johnny Bennett’s Youtube channel here.

“I’ll Make It Happen” Polly Mono Ft. Johnny Bennett

“Running In Circles” by Johnny Bennett & DJ Busy B

Source: www.bluepie.com

Johnny Bennett & Joe O’Grady join DJ Central team!

Johnny Bennett & Joe O’Grady join DJ Central team!

It has been a wild ride for the DJ Central team this past year. On top of the show exploding, we have been lucky enough to introduce many new names to the show, both on camera and behind the scenes.  Now, we are stoked to announce that we have two shiny new additions.

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DJ Busy B

DJ Busy B signs to DJ Central Records

DJ Central Records announces the signing of DJ Busy B to the label. Not too many DJs on the West Coast can claim originality in their DJ style. While the average DJ turns tables, DJ BUSY B “turns heads”.

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