• Monday July 28,2014

    DF Tram @ Glastonbury


    It’s one of the biggest music events in the world and DF Tram was right in belly of the beast.  Again, we have been wowed by this incredibly creative DJ who brings to us a profusion of trippy sounds and odd vocals bound together by floating synths. Read more

  • Monday July 28,2014

    Tease Me With Candy


    Put your hands up if you’re noticin’…Candy Borquaye!  This Australian rapper has dropped a number of teasers on Soundcloud recently, also tweeting to fans about her upcoming album release. Read more

  • Friday July 25,2014

    Joey Stylez hit #1 on the NCI FM countdown!

    joey stylez icon

    Joey Stylez’ track Owl’s Kiss featuring Lancelot Knight came in at #1 on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown on NCI FM! Read more

  • Wednesday July 23,2014

    Busy @ Tommy


    Busy shopping and Busy B?  How about the unparalleled experience of decking yourself out in Tommy while listening to club favourite DJ Busy B spin decks?
    Read more

  • Wednesday July 23,2014

    Oh Li Oh La Suzanna

    Ku Sol

    Sweeping the stage with her sultry presence, Suzanna Lubrana joined Beto Dias for an engaging performance at the Festival Badja Ku Sol 2014. Read more

  • Monday July 21,2014

    Luciana is jetting off to the UK

    luciana world pride 2

    The lovely Luciana is going to be hitting it up in London Tonight! Read more

  • Monday July 21,2014

    Tamara Bubble is stirring up some new beats!

    Tamara Bubble_icon

    Tamara Bubble just posted some photos of her back in the studio! Read more

  • Monday July 21,2014

    Interview with Suzanna


    Check out Suzanna Lubrano’s latest interview from beautiful seaside Cape Verde! Read more

  • Tuesday July 15,2014

    Stylez Makes A Difference

    Joey Stylez2

    Reverbnation is the place to buy music.  They now have 199,411 artists signed up to their Music For Good program…
    Read more

  • Tuesday July 15,2014

    Noble Taylor is Kurupted

    Kuruption Camp

    Noble Taylor has shared his latest collaboration with Canadian hip-hop artists and rappers Kuruption Camp.  Read more

  • Monday July 14,2014

    Top Three for Luicana!

    Luciana world pride

    It’s true!! Australia’s dance music princess is still royalty!  Read more

  • Monday July 14,2014

    Latest of Reggae Remixed

    Dub Champions

    The Dub Champions Festival 2014 has come to a close and DJ Sep is pretty chuffed with some of her co-stars in the reggae scene. Read more