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The DJ Central Newsletter is BACK for 2019!!

It’s been five years and we’re finally back and ready to roll! Edition 15 of the DJ Central newsletter just hit our email subscribers’ inboxes everywhere, and boy are we excited to be back and spreading the news again!

It’s been a busy few years but we’ve dusted ourselves off and are finally ready to bring you news on the musical names that you know and love. This newsletter in particular covers artists such as Amanyea, Sean Tizzle, and of course DL Down3r! In fact the positive quotes about Suga Boom Boom featured in the article were made before we made the #SugaBoomBoomReviews or #SugaBoomBoomCovers hashtags… they’re legit spontaneous praise! And seeing them gave us the idea of making the hashtags in the first place, fun fact! In case you’re out of the loop, we want your review of Suga Boom Boom with the hashtag #SugaBoomBoomReviews, or, if you think you got the rap flow for it, your cover of Suga Boom Boom with the hashtag #SugaBoomBoomCovers… the best reviews will have a chance to make it into articles like this and newsletters, and the best covers have a chance at being featured in DJ Central season six!!

The Newsletter is usually an exclusive bonus for email subscribers, but fret not- it eventually gets added to the newsletter archive! This edition is in the archive now, but if you want to read any future editions of the newsletter before anyone else does, all you have to do is subscribe to see them before they’re added to the archive, which will usually be some time after the newsletter is initially distributed. Get the early bird treatment!

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Be sure to spread the word round to all your friends so you can stay in the know about all things musical. We’re glad to be back, and we’ll see you in your inbox!

-The DJ Central Team


Bigg Cixx joins the DJ Central crew!

Everybody give a warm welcome to Bigg Cixx! The man responsible for the amazing opening hook in No L’s, his collaboration with DL Down3r and Spez Loaks!

Big Cixx has got genuine talent, as is evident from the variances in his flow. Many rappers claim to be able to take it from 0-100, but Cixx puts it in motion, starting off with slow flow on his hook then moving into a beat that you can really bump to. This distinct style can be heard in his other works too, especially with the slapper Got ya bangin’ West Coast!

Listen to the smooth flow that this man uses to bring in the LA heat with a vengeance!
Bigg Cixx represents the West Coast hip hop community with pride, just like DL, Spez, and the rest of his crew. He’s an up and coming star that brings something fresh to the rap scene, that’s also classic in a whole new way. We’re privileged to have him on the team, and we’re glad to be riding with the best names in hip hop all year round!


For more info on Bigg Cixx, check out his facebook:


Skrillex’s distinct sound greets the ears of millions of Kingdom Hearts fans today!

Ever since the collaboration between Hikaru Utada and Skrillex was released to Youtube in December 2018 to 1,193,200 views, the flagship song of Kingdom Hearts 3, “Face My Fears” has gotten fans excited and ready to play the new release. And yet, despite the title of the game, it is technically the 16th entry in the franchise, not the third, and it has been 14 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 released. As such, Skrillex contributing his talents to Utada’s beautiful voice led to an energetic and powerful song that perfectly summarises the emotions that fans have been feeling, waiting endlessly for this day to come.

Skrillex and Utada have masterfully encapsulated the mood of the series, and the excitement of fans who finally get to play the game, released officially a few hours ago!

  • Short version:

  • Full version:

  • The first Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer:

  • All Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers:

Since this song’s release there has been endless discussion about its quality and how it fits the bizarre yet enrapturing combination of franchises, with the series representing both Disney and Final Fantasy, as well as numerous other games and their respective characters in a truly ambitious crossover. It has also sparked a collective excitement in a once-dormant community, seeing remixes come to fruition on major music-sharing channels on Youtube such as Proximity.

Fans of Kingdom Hearts are more than likely going to read this long after it is relevant, as most will be glued to their screens playing the new entry and hearing Skrillex and Hikaru Utada’s musical tribute to the end of the franchise’s current major plot.

But even if one isn’t familiar with the majestic crossover fantasy world that is crashing down upon the world like an enormous wave, they can be sure that they’ll enjoy the vibrant and exciting sounds of Skrillex’s synths, and calming vocals to offset this from Hikaru Utada.

For more information on Skrillex, visit his label:


Update on LadyDice’s Freakshow Tour: Local Celebrity Chandler P Captured by the Freakshow !

Breaking News, LadyDice and her Freakshow are in Bend, Oregon tonight and earlier today they have kidnapped local celebrity Chandler Price and are forcing him to perform for them tonight at the Club 7 as part of their Freakshow.

Chandler is a hip hop artist born and raised in Bend, Oregon, determined to make a name for himself in the Pacific Northwest and find his place in the spotlight. He regularly tours the west coast and the rest of the US, Chandler lives and breathes his artform, and for this LadyDice has targeted him and branded him as a fellow freak. Whether he likes it or not he will be spitting fire on stage and blowing the crowd away with his amazing rhymes.

The Freakshow just keeps getting better, be there tonight and watch Chandler P perform for his life alongside the rest of the Freakshow, with music, dancing, ballet, fire breathing, sword swallowing, and so much more, there’s nothing in heaven or hell quite like these freaks. Tonight is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

If you want to see LadyDice’s Freakshow and their special guest Chandler P you can find ticket and venue information below on LadyDice’s Facebook, as well as Chandler P’s Facebook page. If you can’t make it to this show, there are others coming up soon, info on LadyDice’s Facebook page.

Facebook – Lady Dice
Facebook – Chandler P


Update: More Dates Announced on Dave Evans South America Down Under Tour !

Iconic Australian Rocker Dave Evans is touring South America at the moment, heading through Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile, Dave will be performing all his ACDC Hits and music from his solo career with the South American Badasses. We’ve already covered some of the info on this, but since writing the first article more information has been released, so here’s an update.

More shows have been added, see the pic below for dates, and check his facebook page for more info and ticket/booking info


On top of the obvious attraction of the original one and only Dave Evans and his thundering rock vocals, if you were somehow on the fence about going to one of his shows, you might want to check out the array of limited edition merchandise only available at these shows! Tonnes of T-Shirts, Guitar Picks, and for the true aficionados: Dave Evans has his own beer and moonshine! Dave Evan’s Rock IPA and as of yesterday Dave Evans Moonshine. Custom brewed just for Dave, both of these will be available throughout the tour and at selected breweries in Brazil. More info on his Facebook.


And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, Dave shows us just how hardcore he is with a Fight against Cancer Charity Event sponsored by Harley Davidson. The event will run from the 12th to the 14th and all proceeds are going to the Erasto Gaertner Hospital, which is the largest centre for cancer research and treatment in Southern Brazil, serving 32,000 people per month and performing over 1.7 million procedures just in 2017. They need your help, so show your Hardcore Rock Spirit and give generously! More info such as venue can be found in the image below and on his Facebook page, linked at the bottom of the page.

Update: Within 24 hrs this event sold out, but there are still plenty of other shows to see, hurry and get your tickets now so you don’t miss out!


The tour is ramping up to be pretty explosive, if you can get to it you should, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t miss out!

More information can be found on Dave’s Facebook page, make sure you like the page and keep an eye out for updates in the near future. Don’t forget to check out the merch previews there too!



Soularflair Breaks Barriers and Creates Something Rare, Genre Defying Music That’s Truly Unique

Most modern artforms have become an arms race to produce something unique, something unlike anything ever made, everyone is competing to make the newest, biggest, and brightest. This is truer than ever with music. Everyone dreams of making their own sound and hitting the world stage with it, blowing up and getting Known. But while everyone chases that dream, few ever achieve something genuinely and undeniably Unique.

Enter Soularflair, the alias of Adam Mannering, an independent artist from Melbourne Australia. Adam describes his sound as genreless, completely free of limitations. His goal when creating music is not necessarily to defy genre however, but his interest is solely in making music that sounds good to him, which often leads to creating elaborate avant garde tracks that chaotically fuse multiple genres, an interesting reflection on what is presumably an interesting man.

If you were forced to try and describe his music, not a simple feat this writer professes, you might use words like industrial, overwhelming, intense, chaotic, transcendent, or maybe posthuman. And none of those are wrong, but they don’t really capture the feelings of his music accurately. Calling it genre bending or genre defying isn’t inaccurate either, but it’s more that Adam takes several genres that inspire and interest him and take the pieces he wants for a given song and mixes them together.

Let’s get up and close with Adam’s work. We’ll start with something a little familiar before we dive into the deep end though. If you’ve been paying any attention to social media or the popular shows of the last two years you’ve heard of Westworld. The Soularflair remix of Ramin Djawadi’s theme for the Westworld TV show takes something already beautiful, a subtle and moving orchestral theme, restitches it, attaches bolts to the neck and electrifies it, bringing it to life.

The original theme was beautiful, but there was something missing. It lacked a beating heart. Soularflair has taken something dead, opened it up, added a gentle but compelling beat, a subtle electronic influence with minor vocal samples and bass like the beating heart of something once dead but now forced brutally into the sunlight. Alive, extended and improved.

Now that you’ve had a taste, let’s dive deeper. Don’t blink, feel the pull, and follow me into the hypnotic destruction that is Strange Attractor. With visuals that at first seem to be the typical psychedelics we’ve all seen before but take that colourful mindscape and add some deceptively simple deviations that change the tone completely, Strange Attractor is an aptly named song that sucks you in, compels you to keep watching. The jerks and cuts in the visuals emphasize the feeling of being pulled in, devoured almost.

This song is composed of subtle panic and high-pitched electronic warbling, balanced by carefully designed static and a thumping irregular beat. Every beat feels like you’re being sucked in further, and the visuals augment this feeling exquisitely. You’re staring into the maw of something beyond your understanding, transfixed, held captive by its crooning siren song. Then suddenly silence, the visuals dissolve into black, and you’re back to reality, left with a vague feeling of loss and wonder.

After that close encounter, lets change gears a bit and move down to something less mind flaying and a little more human. Soularflair’s What Fresh Hell. The music video for What Fresh Hell features more abstract visuals, but these are totally different. Strange Attractor was cosmic and inhuman, whereas this is constructed from pieces of things that seem familiar. A mosaic of symbols and objects that resemble humanity and scientific research, something unique to humans. Watching this video one finds themselves searching for meaning, grasping at shapes that seem familiar, and sliding off cold metal and sheer black stone carved intricately by something long dead.

The music is a mixture of acoustic and electric noises, everything familiar in object sound, but not in behaviour. The drums and cymbals bring a feeling of ancient percussive dread, signalling doom. The electric guitar is both living and dead, reanimated by unknown forces and grinding at your soul, wailing at you from above like an angel wreathed in black flame. The bass clutches at you from below, dragging you down, down, down, into the darkness… This song is looking into the abyss and feeling your breath freeze as something returns your gaze.

Soularflair is an incredible artist. We throw around a lot of words like incredible and amazing, trying to emphasize meaning and make something stick. But I cannot emphasize enough that my praise is in no way exaggerated. Adam Mannering has unmatched skill at creating worlds with sound and image. A fantastic example of show not tell, Adam takes us on a journey through worlds beyond our grasp by harnessing and manipulating our emotions and imagination. He is more than deserving of your time.

Adam produces all his own music videos, and is available to be commissioned for music videos for your music or band, more info can be found on his personal website in the Videos tab.

You can find the rest of his music online, on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and his various personal sites and social media. Much of his work is available for free, so if you don’t feel like paying for an album, maybe just throw him a dollar or two or buy him a cup of coffee through the donations page on his website. Help him keep making the music he’s passionate about. I also personally recommend you check out his tracks Exhale and Protoculled, both on his Youtube page.