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DJ Central TV – Season 1 is now available on Amazon Prime… just start dancing!

You read that right, the classic hits from DJ Central Season 1, is now available on Amazon Prime (Click on Amazon!) for your viewing pleasure, and Season 6 is in production! This is the perfect place to get reacquainted with where it all started! We all binge our content nowadays as the new way to consume stuff with things like Netflix marathons, and DJ Central’s first season is here to help fill that niche! Get comfy, get some popcorn, click the link above and slap it on an HD screen, it’s time to get real nostalgic.

DJ Central







After all, the best way to watch new releases is to re-watch from the beginning so you know you haven’t forgotten a single moment, right? Well, the rest of the DJ Central seasons will be on Amazon Prime soon, but for now, start with Season 1… and have a preview of what you’re building up to! That’s right, from season one to season six, the marathons you’ll have are sure to get you in the mood to see this stellar hit! Take a peek at season five to see what you’re working your way up to in your future marathon:

DJ Central TV – Season 5 Episode 2 – Part 6 from Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo.

DJ Central TV Season 5, Episode 2 (Part 6) is proud to showcase another amazingly strong group of musicians to the season. In this part 6 of this episode we have another four talented artists: The East Side Boyz, Moody Good ft. Eryn Allen Kane, Riff MC and Mark Johns.

The East Side Boyz also known as the Crazy Crunkers have their Hip-Hop/Rap song “all I want” as the first to be featured on this season. Their catchy song is full of Crunk attitude which is definitely highlighted in their lyrics and music video. “Musicbox” by Mood Good ft. Eryn Allen Kane is an electronic song with a slow but catchy beat and meaningful lyrics and video. Riff MC’s hip-hop rap song “Not Today” is a fun and catchy song with great lyrics and beat. “Wait till tomorrow” is a captivating pop song by Mark Johns. The songs vocals are deep and captivating while the video provides an interesting yet entrancing element. The song itself is smooth and authentic and gives off summer vibes.

This episode of DJ Central brought together a number of artists to bring you an episode full of rich summer vibes, electronic rap and Hip-hop and a whole lot of attitude.

Season six of DJ Central is currently being filmed, and YOUR covers have a chance to get into it! Just cover DL Down3r’s classic hit Suga Boom Boom with the hashtag #SugaBoomBoomCovers and you have a chance to get your talent broadcast on the show for all to see!

Suga Boom Boom by DL Down3r- cover this song with the hashtag #SugaBoomBoomCovers and send it to us for your chance at stardom!

DJ Central has something for everyone, and it’s plain to see that no matter who you are, you’ll appreciate what’s on offer here!

Take off your business tie and shoes, cook the popcorn, dim the lights and get under the blanket- Amazon Prime’s musical marathon of a lifetime awaits!




Jah Mason’s compilations are here and they’re more chill than ever!

Get yourself feeling mellow and in a chill zone with the hits from Jah Mason. Compiled together for the first time, these spotify albums are the best way that his music can reach the world!

Containing various uplifting messages of peace and protesting against abuse of authority, Jah Mason’s unique spin on reggae is distinct in its sound, and follows in the footsteps of the old masters such as Bob Marley where Mason deems it appropriate. His slow, funky reggae jams are the perfect thing to unwind and chill out to! And there’s even more on the way!

The Official Jah Mason Website:


Meet LadyDice!

LadyDice is a name that is becoming prominent in the hip hop scene. An inspirational presence, she first made a name for herself with the song Scars, which contained a message intended to save a life.

Since then, she’s progressively snowballed into higher and higher tiers of popularity, and her vocals are now going viral with her appearance in the Suga Boom Boom acapella in the Gypsy Tattoo Parlour!

Originally, LadyDice did not see herself as someone likely to move into hiphop music, and she preferred classic metal soundtracks. However, upon branching out, her style was refined and she decided that this life was for her.

While LadyDice is the musical persona of Ashley Dice, there is enough symbolic meaning within what LadyDice represents to consider her almost a separate entity. To Ashley Dice, LadyDice is an idea, a representation of the rejection of conformism and society’s preconceived notions.LadyDice represents those who repress their true selves, encouraging them to step out and take off the mask, being themselves no matter what the world thinks of them.

LadyDice’s career is going strong and shows no signs of slowing down! To get acquainted with this standout personality, all you need to is watch this interview!

LadyDice Official Website:

LadyDice Beast Album Spotify:

Kris Ryan

DJ Kris Ryan joins DJ Central Records’ roster!

A big name in the industry has decided to join our ranks! Having worked with Rihanna herself on numerous tracks such as Where Have You Been (Evolution Mix), Faded by Alan Walker, toured with Lady Gaga and working with various other fantastic artists and tracks. Kris Ryan needs no introduction!

“Kris Ryan has helped change and evolve electronic dance music from an underground movement to the massive festival now experienced throughout the world. Easily considered one of America’s most passionate representatives in the global EDM and Trance scene Ryan has undoubtedly been a major force in shaping the sound of club dance music for many of todays most famous artists throughout clubs, music festivals and the internet worldwide”.
Karen Fernandez of Interscope Records.

His 2001 debut artist album Trance Nation produced eight top 20 singles, including five that held the #10 position on the trance chart for over three weeks. In September 2002, he released a follow-up album The Remixes which landed in the top 5 dance charts. Ryan has produced over 200 original productions and more than 3000 remixes and has been supported by other DJs like Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Tiësto, Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero, Cash Cash, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz and more. Ryan has released over 42 albums to-date under various names, labels and genres, and has produced or remixed club dance tracks for artists from back in the day like Kate Ryan, Fragma, IIO Milk Inc, Soda Club, Rank 1, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Cher, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and the Petshop Boys to those most recently which include Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias, SIA, Taylor Swift, Fun and Alan Walker.

As a Dj, he has worked with, remastered, produced, co-produced or remixed a variation of tracks with other dj/producers including Marco V, Sash, Andy Prinz, Paul Van Dyk, CJ Stone, DJ Sammy, Tiesto, Goerge Acosta and many many others.

Ryan has a worldwide fan base who have self-titled themselves “The Ryans”. Ryan is a regular headliner at music festivals around the world including Tomorrowland, Tomorrow World, Electric Daisy Carnival, Escape From Wonderland, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Zoo Festival, and Creamfields Australia.

We’re thrilled that he’s decided to join on with us here at Blue Pie and DJ Central, and his catalogue is sure to be a fantastic asset, and it will be an honour to help distribute it to the world. Special thanks to Bob Tanner of Kris Ryan’s team for helping encapsulate his story!

For Kris Ryan’s social media, click below:


The Cadillac Bill Show is on Amazon Prime and definitely does not contain top-secret info that is vital to humanity’s safety!

Ooohhh… ooh geez… guys what is even happening right now? I’m pretty sure that this is an office computer or something but I’m kinda bored and nobody is brandishing tasers at me yet, so I’m gonna do my best to have fun before that happens.

Last year, a meteorite crashed in my sand farm, and it carried the words “Cadillac Bill will grace Amazon Prime soon”. Now at the time I couldn’t read, also I couldn’t hold it because it was on fire and I picked it up with my bare hands, but now I’ve gotten around to posting this since I’ve learned how to read and write and hold things. And it turns out it was a message from the gods or something, because it came true. Either that or it was some vengeful space thing throwing its trash at me. In which case we have to consider what comes of the implication that aliens have prophecies laying around in their food. I mean we have fortune cookies and stuff but do they ever come true? I dunno, maybe we should ask this guy.

Oh, the office people have called the police. I don’t have much time left. Anyways, I should hurry up and say what I have to say. Like I was saying, I discovered this while I was sand farming… and it was mandatory policy that we had to farm sand. But that’s an injustice right? You can’t eat sand. You can’t do anything with sand. It makes no sense to farm it, yet my village’s law is that we have to have at least one sand farmer, and that was me. So what I did was take this Cadillac Bill promotion to new lengths in an attempt to help give me the funds to avoid being a sand farmer, and establish an embassy that could help me rewrite this unjust law… and well, long story short, a race of angry sentient Cadillacs are following me everywhere I go, because apparently the Cadillac Bill show has something they want in it, but if I say what it is then I get hit with a shock from my shock collar, so I’ll just say it is DEFINITELY NOT vital to humanity’s safety and has NOTHING TO DO WITH sentient Cadillacs taking over the planet, and while they’re really angry at me, THEY ARE FRIENDS OF HUMANITY AND EVERYONE ELSE. Anyways, have this strange man thanking some other strange people for doing strange things.

I don’t know why this show is tied to them. I don’t understand. I don’t get why every season of a bizarre variety show is tied to a global movement of sentient cars, or what hidden knowledge Cadillac Bill himself has unlocked by creating it, but I don’t know how much longer I can elude my sandy destiny, so I’ll just leave it with you guys to watch it and hopefully I’ll get some sort of revenue from it to establish an anti-alien embassy and not get stuck back as a sand farmer, or transformed into a Cadillac myself.

For now, all I can do is distribute evidence of this show’s existence, and hope for the best:

The Cadillac Bill Show Official Links and Booking Station:

Remember, every time you watch the Cadillac Bill show you are automatically in the draw to win $1BN Venutian dollars to spend as you like on Venus… and yes there is more! You get reward points to be used on the Walmart stars on Mars when they open in 2095! Get saving.

Oh well, the police are here and they’re brandishing tasers, so I guess they want to give them to me as presents, even though I keep telling them I don’t like tasers or taser shocks as presents, so I’ll just have to say it louder and try and convince them. Enjoy your Amazon Prime sessions, and I’ll maybe see you guys later if I don’t die. Love you!

BJ Sam Love

BJ Sam releases his new album “Love”. A brand new innovation in sound, style and melody!

The word “Love” is truly an apt description for the quality of BJ Sam’s newest release. His expertise and skill with the various facets of music shows his vast experience in the genres of pop, R&B/Soul, Reggae, Hip Hop/Rap, Inspirational, Gospel and World Music.

Over the years, you may have had many catchy songs stuck in your head, but this one is liable to top them all! The beautiful melodies and heartfelt lyrics will definitely break boundaries and leave the world in pure musical bliss. Here are a select few tracks on the album that are sure to become some of your new favourites.

  • “Nzambe Bolingo” – A new hit with such an alluring melody that you’ll be compelled to travel the world over to find the the composer.
  • “Show Some Love” – Encourages the world to embrace one another irrespective of our differences, colours, cultures and languages. As the lyrics say: “If we begin to show love, there’ll no reason to fight more war.”
  • “You Are Special, So I Am” is a beautiful English/French composition with a message to combat racism and discrimination in our society.
  • “Everything Will Be Fine”- A reassuring tune. No matter how many times you have failed, this song will pick you back up again.
  • “Hear The Angels Sing” is a new song that is an attempt to capture the voices of angels; a beautiful song with a pleasant melody.
  • “Mon Amour” is a beautiful melodic and rhythmic expression of true love. It was personally selected by the popular American film director Lloyd Kaufman as the Soundtrack for the recently premiered Hollywood movie, “Heart of Fatness”!

BJ Sam is a Writer and international Recording Artist who brings joy, brilliance and melody to the universe through his writing, and delightfully catchy music . His fans around the world refer to him fondly as “Sammy Wonder” due to his distinctive beautiful voice and heartfelt lyrics. BJ Sam sings in English and French in order to appeal to people across the world and bring everyone in unison.

Throughout his life, BJ Sam has been pouring all his imagination, creativity, and talent into the pursuit of creating music that will be timeless and universal. Companies such as Troma Entertainment USA, SoundPro Music Canada, Flipper music Italy, Africori UK, XerciseLab Russia, Motion Manager Austria, PeterPan Music USA, DJ Central TV Australia, Eden Damon Atlantic Records and countless others have shown interest in BJ Sam’s music and have made use of the songs for commercials, TV, Films, Documentaries and other media productions.

Here are some of the great quotes received already:
“What an emotive and powerful voice you have. Clearly talented.” Steve Williams, producer/engineer for Britney Spears, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones.

“I’m quite amazed at BJ Sam’s writing, vocal & musical prowess & dexterity! … As I’ve already stated, he is an extremely talented musician/writer – the kind of guy who this world is just crying out to hear, for he is a force to be reckoned with”. DJ Paula Frost, Kane 103.7 FM.

“I’ve listened to your tracks and I think they are arranged, produced and sung very well.” Eugenio Vicedomini, Flippermusic Italy Music Art Director.

“What a most delightful sound! … B.J. Sam has created a song that is highly infectious – proving that he is an extremely talented musician/writer! … ‘Mon Amour’ has to be one of the most perfectly balanced songs that I have ever heard”. Wayout Radio UK Programmer.

“Votre vidéo clip “Mon amour” est accrocheur”. Philippe Vannier, responsable Musique TV5MONDE France.

“This is the most inspirational songs I’ve ever received. Sometimes people that make history long journey it very lonely … we need more people like you in the world to keep inspiring others to be great ..
I will have songs in rotation let you know when playing.” Sentoria Green Owner LIVE 105.5 Mobile Radio | Los Angeles, California | The Green Room Radio Show.

“We LOVE this song! We played it on The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy last night, and would really like to hear more from BJ Sam!” Bootsy, K-KID 92.9fm Missouri USA.

Watch BJ Sam interview on ‘Stars Parade’ a musical program with over 80 million viewers worldwide on 3rd most available television network in the word ‘TV5Monde’ which is based in France!

Check out BJ Sam’s cool videos:

Mon Amour Music Video:

You Are Special, So I Am Music Video:

BJ Sam’s songs ignite playlists worldwide; some of the tracks have been played on countless radio stations including N.U.A Radio show across Europe, USA and Australia! His works were featured on the Westfield Alliance Indie Show across the USA, Britain, Canada, Spain, France, Finland, Europe, Japan, South America, Argentina, Australia, and Slovenia on over 30 radio stations. They have also featured on Fairchild Radio 96.1FM: Canada, Somer Valley Fm UK, Cairns 89.1 FM Australia, KKID 92.9fm USA, and Zone Radio FM South Africa, and have been featured on the playlists of 33+ radio stations powered by Stingray Music Canada. The radio plays are growing weekly and the love is flowing constantly from BJ Sam’s incredible messages of love and peace in all of his music!

The Album:

Official Links:

To contact BJ Sam or for any media and news please email