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Team DJ Central is proud to bring you the best in music! Meet the team!

Season 6 of DJ Central is on the way! We’ve discussed this at length before, and we’ve also discussed DJ Central seasons 1 and 2 being LIVE on Amazon Prime, and also DJ Central seasons 1-5 being LIVE on Vimeo On-Demand… but our partnership with Amazon Prime and VOD didn’t spring up randomly. We’re very grateful to the Amazon team for their efforts in helping us reach this global point! And of course, DJ Central and Blue Pie had a team of their own pooling their efforts too- a team that loves to create music TV!

DJ Central’s team has many colourful characters and they each lend their hands to various roles for Blue Pie and DJ Central!

  • Damien Reilly | CEO and CTO
  • Edmund Cotter | Media Team Manager & Article Writer
  • Andrew Marmara | Admin Manager & Music Publishing
  • Sid Kirkman | Catalogue Manager
  • Asif Adnan | Webmaster
  • Naveen Joseph | Business Development
  • Brendan Paniagua | License Manager
  • Laureen Ayivi-Togbassa | Our visitor from France working in social media
  • Lloyd Cole | Marketing Manager
  • Captain Ken AKA Kenny Everest | The coolest Planet Blue Pictures USA General Manager, who produces DJ Central and Metal Central TV, and oversees the insanity of Cadillac Bill, along with the eyeball pollution that originates from those places! If you know the top secret Area 51-tier info of who Kenny is, you’re doing a bloody well good job!
  • And of course, all other contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

These are the members of the team that ensure that such quality reaches you!



We’re a group of music lovers and we like to think it shows! We are shooting season 6 and we’re all excited about the new global partnership with Vimeo On-Demand and Amazon Prime, and all our other networks! And of course, we’re honoured to be working with the artists that we are.

Who could forget DL Down3r and the hashtag competitions created due to the overwhelming popularity of his music, for instance?! You might even get a chance to get into Season 6 through his work…

Or maybe you’re more interested in the funky fresh beats of J Young? The mastermind behind the amazing “Oxygen”!

But there’s no doubt you’ll be a fan of the sweet summery bangers from STANDAARD! Perfect to listen to, but terribly distracting- it’s always hard to write about them for want of dancing your heart out!

Our pride in our artists is well-founded, as you can see. Perhaps we’ll take pride in your music some day?

Click here, we want YOUR music to be submitted for season six! Get noticed and let’s both make our dreams come true through each other’s efforts!

We’re waiting for you! Send us everything through our social medias or to! We’re keeping an eager eye out for the future of music, so give it your best shot and don’t be shy! You’ve met the team… now why not try and join us?!

down3r squat

DL Down3r’s getting noticed on YouTube!


Who’s the latest rapper with 8K subs on the block? It’s DL Down3r! It may not be as monumental as the 11K likes on the Down3r fanpage, or even the 10 MILLION plays on Suga Boom Boom on Spotify…

But it’s still a respectable milestone and we’re still hyped up that the video media side of the DL fam is growing so well!

Look at the mastery of his craft. He’s the music man, there’s no question. And his music videos are just as good! Check out this sick choreography set to some seriously hot beats!

That video is one of our favourites in particular- and it and other music videos of its ilk are gonna make their way to the Down3r Youtube channel! They’re already on the Blue Pie and DJ Central Youtubes as well as the DL fanpage, so it’s a natural progression to get them onto DL’s channel! Especially now that 8 thousand people are paying attention to it! Wanna join them? Check this link out!

Is that still not enough?!

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

And check out DL in No L’s!

down3r squat


down3r 11k

Would you look at that. What a beautiful sight, huh DL fans?! Wait, how long ago were we at 10k? Lemme check… UNDER A MONTH AGO! the 10th of June, and it’s the 5th of July at the time of writing! That’s some incredible growth! Let’s see how quickly we reach 12k. Watch this space. This article will most likely be linked in the 12k article so we can see the answer to that question… and we may even edit this article to reflect that. It’s pretty important to us to monitor the growth of the DL fam and see how big it is, see how far we’ve all come, and that’s probably the best way. Get hype!





But as you can see, it’s not like this rather impressive number is the full extent of things. Hardly! Keep in mind Suga Boom Boom has 10 million plays on Spotify, and the plays and views of all of Down3r’s media online in total is demonstrably bigger, huge even! Millions and millions of plays and fans embracing the viral sensation… but as we know when it comes to Down3r, it’s more than catchy beats, amazing flow, or big numbers. It’s about the sentimentality and the love behind Down3r’s songs, and all of his fans coming together to support each other, and Down3r’s endeavours. Come and check out the movement and join the DL fanpage today! Number with these 11 thousand strong and discover the world you’ve been missing out on, and the moving truth that binds these fans together:

There’s a reason that DL’s music has qualified for a movie placement- they have true quality, skill, and heart.

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

And check out DL in No L’s!


STANDAARD making a huge impact! TOP 40 OF THE DUTCH CHARTS!

Week 26 of the Dutch Dance Top 40 has just rolled around. And there’s something special to note about it!

standaard dutch top 40

See that? YEP! It’s “Just Try Love Again”! Just as we thought we were done gushing about it, oh no, its crazy growth that we mentioned just isn’t slowing down! We come back two days later and we find that it’s at number 40 this week! How about it, Dutch STANDAARD fans? Can we do better and creep up the list in the following weeks? We’ll keep our ears to the ground to find out! But even failing that, the song is certainly seeing a generous time in the spotlight- like we said last time, June 12 wasn’t really that long ago, all things considered. Then on July 1st, “Just Try Love Again” ALREADY had 18,077 plays on Spotify! So, it’s been two days since then. It can’t have grown by much since then, right…?

OH MAN OH MAN IT HAS 2K MORE PLAYS. 20,258 plays at the time of writing in just TWO DAYS! We weren’t kidding when we said it had fast growth, but even we are a little surprised at this! But it’s a delightful surprise to say the least, and shows that we probably have an excellent summer ahead of us in terms of music, as well as a hit that’ll go down in history. Check out the playlist on Spotify!

dutch top 40 spotify

But there’s more to STANDAARD than their most recent success… check out their current champion in terms of overall plays!

Want something different to spice stuff up? That’s fine! After all, STANDAARD’s Youtube is full of incredible tracks that could easily contend for the best in the running!

It’s rare when you’re present to see the birth of a true viral success, when you’re present to see that crazy growth accelerating and accelerating… but we’re here for this. And it’s mindblowing, and a little touching! Keep watching the space of “Just Try Love Again”. We certainly will be, like hawks! Let’s see where this goes. Exciting stuff.
Check out STANDAARD at the following links:





Our hopes have come to pass! “Just Try Love Again” garners 10s of 1000s of plays in under a month!

June 12 wasn’t really that long ago, all things considered. Now it’s July 1 and ALREADY “Just Try Love Again” has 18,077 plays on Spotify at the time of writing! Click here to see the last time we talked about it, or just have a listen below!

There was definitely a reason that STANDAARD listed “Just Try Love Again” as their artist’s choice on Spotify, and the numbers are showing it. As we said last time, this is infectious in the best way and will pull you onto the dancefloor! STANDAARD’s signature sound have managed to pull it off again! So while you’re trying love again, try this sweet Euro sound again at the same time! However, despite the nice things we’re saying, we do have a complaint- this song is so ridiculously catchy that this article writer found himself snapping along to it instead of doing his work! Very inconvenient.

This fresh and funky track is perfect for summertime, so soak it in before Autumn comes! It may still be a way around the corner, but the summer days tend to fly right on by with amazing songs like this. Be sure to appreciate every drop of this track while it’s hot! Well, we say that now. But we have a feeling it’ll become a classic and always be hot to a degree. It still has a way to go before it surpasses “De Zomer Is Van Ons” as STANDAARD’s most popular song- 18,007 plays vs 114,583 plays is an uphill battle! But don’t forget that as good as “De Zomer Is Van Ons” is, it dropped on Spotify in 2017, and “Just Try Love Again” only just dropped… well, a few weeks ago really! This race ain’t over just yet. But what do you think? Which is the better song, the current champion or the potential dark horse?

Or maybe you choose a different competitor? After all, STANDAARD’s Youtube is full of incredible tracks that could easily contend for the best in the running!

Whichever is your personal favourite, there’s one thing that’s for sure- both are amazing tracks for the summer, and they’re both staying in our playlists forever! Care to join us? It’s a party every day ever since we made this choice!

Check out STANDAARD at the following links:




down3r squat

Suga Boom Boom passes 10 MILLION plays on Spotify!

It’s the point that we knew we’d reach eventually, but boy does it feel sweet to finally get here! Suga Boom Boom is a killer, rising up to over 10 million plays on Spotify! And you know how we do at Blue Pie and DJ Central whenever something like this happens. We celebrate all things Down3r!

There it is. An album under a somewhat unassuming title, but don’t let looks deceive you. This is the very album that has Suga Boom Boom way up there at ten million. This is the album that contains the very same Suga Boom Boom that made it to the very TOP of the Swedish viral playlist! And this is the album that touched so many hearts of the Down3r family worldwide. Down3r knows his fans are the ones who are always there for him whenever he needs them, and this viral success is straight up statistical proof of that! We of the Down3r support team cannot thank you all enough.

And Suga Boom Boom isn’t doing too badly on that album either! It’s 804,333 plays vs Suga Boom Boom’s 10,127,628 plays, but it’s still going strong! Really, all of Down3r’s tracks have at least some degree of a claim to fame, as they’re all fantastic and are pulling in the attention they deserve!

Don’t believe us? Well check out this playlist! It’s a collection of all things Down3r, with Suga Boom Boom straight at the top. It has every single song from Down3r currently on Spotify! Your days of searching the entire site for more Down3r content are over- it’s now all in one place, and any new releases will be put in there too! Play this list on the daily, even if it’s just the first song, and Suga Boom Boom will be sure to soar even higher! Let’s get a push from the fam!

Things are certainly looking up in Down3r land. First the amazing growth in likes on the fanpage, now the repeated viral activity of his flagship song Suga Boom Boom, it was only a matter of time before a huge milestone like this was achieved! There’s a reason that DL’s music has qualified for a movie placement- they have true quality.

If you wanna see that quality in person, we have just the articles for you! Check out these tours coming up from Down3r! Get your tickets quick!

One tour on the 5th of July…

And another two- one on the 7th of August, and one on the 15th of September!

We’ll see you there, fam!

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

And check out DL’s cover of River!