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sean stan

If you don’t want good music, then SCATTER! Sean Stan is here to stay!

You hear that? That pulsing rhythm in your soul? That sound that just urges you to get up and dance?! That’s the effect that Sean Stan’s latest single, “Scatter”, has on people! We just had to capture that magic and load it to our Soundcloud above. And it doesn’t end there! “Scatter” is going to make its way to our Spotify and iTunes around a week from the time of writing, and it won’t be particularly hard to find- just search “Sean Stan Scatter”! There’s a couple of his other tracks on there already, such as the singles “OMG”, “Them No Reach”, and “Frequency”! We’ll hopefully also be hosting those on various platforms in the future so stay tuned- this guy’s music makes us quite excited, so we’ll be sure to make an article at such an occasion too. As for whether it’s just the high quality of music that makes us hype or the fact that it’s the perfect thing to get us to dance, we’re not sure, and we’re also not sure it really matters that much. All we know is that we love these tracks and we love “Scatter” in particular, and that’s the main thing that matters! This modern afropop classic is sure to please anyone no matter how many left feet they have, as it doesn’t matter how well you dance, but how much fun you have by putting your whole heart into it! That’s the message that we think songs like this with their carefree and fun beats are screaming to the world. So scatter and have fun with it, because we will too! And keep an eye on the new releases, and on Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes, for more releases from the amazingly talented Sean Stan! Not only for the singles we mentioned that are on their way, and not only for “Scatter” on Spotify and iTunes, but for all his new songs! Because a performer this talented has to work through passion, and you just can’t keep passion down or stop it from creating its wonderful things for long!

cadillac bill

Meet Cadillac Bill! Before he meets you…

Hey guys, it’s me, the informal absurdist narrative voice used only for Cadillac Bill media. I’ve been doing some soul searching since writing what I did in the past, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a concept that has accidentally gained corporeal qualities. Inconvenient existences aside, today I’m here to bring you the information I have so far on Cadillac Bill. I don’t know where else to post it and it’s probably not a good idea to post it in any public place at all, but I’m storing info before I forget it, I don’t know how to use the internet, and I can’t read, so I’m using voice to text to write these pickle sandwich elderly curdle likes. It’s working out platitudinous so far, I think. But I need to get this info to the public ASAP through any means since this is the only medium I’m capable of working with, so here we go.

Cadillac Bill is an inter-dimensional space walrus from England and currently exists within the confines of Canadianadiananadananada. His divine will oversees the Cadillac Bill Show, which has caused ripples of controversy throughout the multiverse and has enraged a group of sentient cadillacs, who are currently hounding me along with Earth’s police because they know I’m close to the truth. The Cadillac Bill Show examines the weird and wonderful inhabitants of Hamilton and uses their energy to incite dark rituals that allow an inter-dimensional demon force to drip through to our reality through the power of talk shows and variety hours- the most powerful, ancient, and darkest magic that mortals have access to. I have uncovered a dossier on Cadillac Bill himself, with more information should any scholar, madman, or rebel require it. Cadillac Bill’s work on his TV show is available on Amazon Prime and continues to give him more power for every millisecond that it is hosted. This sinister being cannot be stopped by any means, due to his hypnotizing music- his band, the


are granting him eternal lifeforce with their particular brand of parody music, by extracting the emotional energy of those they make laugh from the songs. And he knows we’re here, he knows we’re all here, and it’s only a matter of time that the shockwaves of chaos his mere existence exude cause the sentient cadillacs to go completely insane- cadillacs are sacred creatures. They can feel the balance of the universe in every fiber of their being. I now finally know why they are agitated, and why it all comes back to him, and why they would silence me- the police are in bed with the interdimensional conspiracy, and the cadillacs see me as one who would spread its influence further, and cause an acceleration in the plans instead of a deceleration! It finally all makes sense now! I must hide… and you all must take on my sacred duty. The forces allied against me cannot target as many people as there are in the world, or on the world’s surface either! They’re outnumbered and they know it. So go listen to Cadillac Bill, go study the Cadillac Bill show, and find out more through observing these powers at play… and I will be your scapegoat. They know me. They know who I am. But not you- they won’t look for you while they’re busy with me. So go! Consume Cadillac Bill content and study its machinations with a keen eye, while this humble sand farmer sacrifices himself… at least for a while. I don’t wanna die or anything.


Some more data. Cadillac Bill is a Blue Pie Records USA artist, apparently. Cadillac Bill is also rumoured to be published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) Here’s a playlist of some sounds Cadillac Bill has made. There is no guarantee that these sounds will be human in nature. Enjoy them regardless if it is possible for your species to do so. I’m gonna bury myself and fall asleep and see if I can hibernate for a century.


Cadillac Bill website

Cadillac Bill Facebook

Cadillac Bill Twitter

Cadillac Bill Twitter

A Google Images search I did to try and find pictures of Cadillac Bill holding potted plants as a very important avenue of research. I didn’t find much. Maybe if you are destined, you will be luckier.

downer down3r

Success after success! Suga Boom Boom passes 9 MILLION PLAYS!

We said a couple days ago that DL Down3r’s Suga Boom Boom was just shy of 9 million plays on Spotify… and it’s finally happened. That threshold has been crossed and we made it! Just like we said, it was just a matter of time really, and it turns out we were right- it’s not exactly a surprise that the number one song for the Swedish spotify charts is this popular, but it’s welcome nonetheless!

And of course, it’s also not a surprise that Down3r’s most popular song is making waves like this, given that one of his lesser known songs made it into a movie soundtrack along with some bangin’ Miracle West Entertainment beats, but like we said, it’s absolutely welcome! The honour that is an artist’s music making it this far and going this insanely viral on Spotify is something unparalleled- a sign that Down3r truly produces verifiable quality, and that he struck gold on the day when he made the acapella version by knocking a beat on his fridge!

That’s a classic throwback for many of you Down3r fans, we’re sure. And it is for us as well! The moment that an artist discovers their successful formula is an occasion that is worth preserving for all eternity, as is the evolution of that formula over time- with that being said, let’s drop by far the most viral Suga Boom Boom video out there and celebrate its existence and what it means in hip hop history! And would you believe this video is still not as viral on youtube as the Spotify song is?! Completely incredible.


But let’s cut to the chase and get to what you’ve all been waiting for. The song that’s making waves in Sweden and on Spotify in general… The main Suga Boom Boom that you all know and love!

Just what you wanted right? It’d be what any fan wants, it truly is Down3r’s best song. One of the catchiest ever made, and these numbers and successes prove it. Suga Boom Boom may be about chasing dragons, but chasing success is definitely something it’s truly skilled at!
Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

And check out DL’s cover of River!

bigg cixx

Heaven On Earth… possible thanks to Bigg Cixx!

Bigg Cixx, Young Lama, and Spezloaks… sounds like a match made in heaven. And it just might be, since they’ve brought Heaven On Earth to us! Bigg Cixx and his crew are showing off how quick they can spit their rhymes in a pretty big way, and it’s great to see the gang flexing like this in such an awesome new release. Heaven On Earth (H.O.E.) is the latest single from the crew and it’s seriously one of their best. H.O.E.’s mad? You’d be mad not to check these awesome bars out!

This is like an older school 2000s rap. The low piano riffs and the beat that makes you wanna nod your head pair perfectly with the awesome diction in every single second of the vocals. How much practice went into the flow of this song?! It’s the work of a pro!

We shouldn’t underestimate or expect anything less of Bigg Cixx or his crew though. As usual it’s the perfect kinda song to cruise around and nod your head to, a staple of excellent hip hop! And given the repertoire that Bigg Cixx and crew have behind them, particularly with Spez Loaks and Bigg Cixx’s work on No L’s with Down3r, we can rest assured this was always bound to be an awesome hit nobody can afford to miss, huh?

Bigg Cixx is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA for the world. You can check out more information and the latest news on Bigg Cixx at the following links:

Check out some of these great hits now on YouTube:


“Hej hej” to the top! DL Down3r is NUMBER ONE in Sweden!

DL Down3r - Sweden Top 50Take it in. Look at that. It may be a simple screenshot to some, but to us at the DL Down3r team, that is the sign of incredible success. That’s the one and only Suga Boom Boom at THE VERY TOP of the Spotify trending list for Sweden! If we could say “hej” to every single Swedish follower who’s made this happen, we seriously would out of gratitude! Sweden had a population of 9.995 million as of 2017. That’s quite an audience! It’s therefore a wonderful occasion that this very special song has reached such a large group of people in such an impactful way. The song itself has nearly 9 million plays, just shy… but will no doubt reach the 9 million goal rather quickly!

In case you wanted to contribute to that playcount and see what the fuss is about, we have you covered.

Things are certainly looking up in Down3r land. First the amazing growth in likes on the fanpage, then the repeated viral activity of his flagship song Suga Boom Boom, it was only a matter of time before a huge milestone like this was achieved! There’s a reason that DL’s music has qualified for a movie placement- they have true quality.

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

And check out DL’s cover of River!


Live at Off-Corso- live in the comfort of your home!

Earlier this year, we brought your attention to four fantastic concerts, live on Qello… those being Headband: Live, Silver Mountain- A Reunion Live, Freakhouse- No Way Down, and of course Suzanna Lubrano- Live At Off-Corso! And we’re forever grateful for Qello preserving important pieces of musical history for the world like they are! But today we’d like to look at one of these monumental concerts under a spotlight, and of course, that would be Suzanna Lubrano’s Live At Off-Corso (2010).

Suzanna Lubrano’s debut Film, Live at Off-Corso, features a stunning live performance.

Live at Off-Corso was originally a TV concert, which has now been televised in numerous countries around the world including Brazil, Portugal and many more. Released in June 2010 this incredible performance stars a line-up of special guests and dancers including; Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer, Dutch idol contestant David Goncalves, Lantuna, the Lamba Zouk Dance team and the Brazilian Zouk Dance team. It is like a fiesta on stage, filled with unstoppable music and dancing.

As you can see, Suzanna carries a stunning aura and her musical talents extend beyond the norm. She has been compared to some of the greatest pop divas of our world; Celine Dion, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and J-Lo. Her talent has been recognised by many, and has won her awards around the globe.

Originally from Cape Verde, West of Africa, Suzanna moved to The Netherlands at the age of four. Like many superstars, she started singing as a young child, but was quickly recognised and encouraged to start singing professionally at the age of eighteen. And that degree of constant experience shows, most prominently through the true quality of her work- her combined global plays have exceeded 40 million! Her amazing talents are still roping in the fans, new curious ones and nostalgic veterans alike!



So what better way to be part of the magic than to experience it in your living room, or on your phone’s screen while kicking back in bed, or any other place that’s convenient to you? All of the wonderful promises of the above is what Qello promises to deliver you. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t around for the magical experience the first time around, make your own magic by streaming any concert in the comfort of your home- and we recommend Suzanna as the perfect place to start discovering. Check out some of our concert recommendations below, including the link to the Suzanna concert, and Suzanna’s social media!