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kay l

Meet Kay L!

Coming hot off a nomination for artist of the year, we figured this would be the perfect time to introduce the musical paragon that is Kay L properly!

After being acclaimed as the #1 opening act in Canada, Juno nominated artist Kay L AKA Kaydance (clever pun!) has shown absolutely no signs of slowing down. Born in Zimbabwe, Africa and raised in the 5th District of Calgary’s North East quadrant, Kay L is probably most known for his work with the group District 5. Known for his clever lyricism and intoxicating choruses, Kay L has established a sound that is nothing short of unique. He’s no stranger to being nominated for awards or outright winning them, and this is reflected in the sheer talent that is plain to hear in all of his tracks!

And that clout goes far- he’s toured with the likes of: NAS, SNOOP DOGG, AKON, RIHANNA, FLO-RIDA, THE GAME, REDMAN & METHODMAN, ASHANTI, GINUWINE, SEAN KINGSTON, OBIE TRICE, MARIO, FABOLOUS, PITBULL, BOYZ II MEN, EVE, D12, JOE BUDDEN and many more. Kay L has also been able to extend his talents far beyond his stomping grounds to countries such as Jamaica, where he toured with Drum n Dj a group whom he has experienced much radio success with.

As Kay L says: “I feel both blessed and honoured, to be given the opportunity to perform with such successful artists, I feel every show is an opportunity to learn and grow. Performing is honestly a part of who I am”.

Through the success of his first mixtape “Nightshift”, the countless A-list artists he has toured with, his witty yet intelligent lyrical skill blended with his compelling and contagious personality both on and off the stage, Kay L has created a buzz that is unrivalled by any other independent artist in the Nation!

Kay L and his good friend Bobby Soul have also showcased their artistic talents with their global hit bound song “La La Love”. Give it 30 seconds to capture your attention and you will be hooked on this sonic ear worm.

Kay L deserves a place in everyone’s playlist !

You can check out his music at the following sites:

Click here to read more about one of Kay L’s latest singles!

Or if you want specific musical recommendations, we have you covered!
The chill flow in Love From Me is not to be missed! Check it out on our Soundcloud right here!

Kay L’s Facebook can be found HERE:

Speaking of Facebook, check out this teaser from Kay L himself… a video accompaniment to Love From Me!

Kay L is a WON Agency artist and distributed under DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records for the world.


J Young’s “Lit” playcount is surging into the thousands!

Does this sound familiar?

Probably does. It’s been stuck in all our heads since the last time we talked about it, and we’re not complaining! And it seems the rest of the internet is following suit with that, because in just the short time in which Lit by J Young and After 5 has been released, it has already amassed 4,179 plays on Spotify! We’re expecting more swings in the duo’s popularity coming soon too… 2019 ain’t over yet, and there’s plenty of time to skyrocket Lit into popularity, so share it round to everyone you know who likes good music!

If you’re just discovering J Young for the first time and this is your gateway, allow me to open the door for you fully with this playlist.


It’s the kind of music that you just get hungry for more of and can’t stop listening to new tracks that you come across! Enjoy your journey!
“Lit” official links:


We hope you enjoy this music video of Oxygen too! Let yourself indulge in J Young’s many talents-

J Young is a DJ Central artist and is published by DJ Central for the world. You can check out more information and the latest news on J Young at the following links:

kay l

Kay L nominated for artist of the year award for Zimbabwe!

“An individual or group who have demonstrated great musicianship, quality and uniqueness of music, and performances throughout the year. They will have a huge presence and impact on their audience/listeners on multiple channels.”

Does that sound like Kay L to you? It sure does to me! So it makes sense that he took the number four nomination slot of that very category, that being “Music Artist of the Year”!

ZAA Canada (Zimbabwe Achievers Awards) have just nominated Kay L for the award alongside Ruvarashe Mutseka, Napitapi, Ekhaya Music, and Melissa Natasha – Rain Akai. For the full nominations list for each category and more information, click here. The official awards ceremony dinner gala will be held Saturday 29th June 2019 in Edmonton at the Radisson Hotel! We’ll be waiting with bated breath to see if he can take the award proper- just a month or so away! Kay L is no stranger to winning awards for his excellent talent, but we’ll still be rooting for him with our whole hearts!

If you need to re-familiarise yourself with Kay L, click here to read more about one of his latest singles!

Or if you wanna just jump straight into his music, we have you covered!
The chill flow in Love From Me is not to be missed! Check it out on our Soundcloud right here!

Kay L’s Facebook can be found HERE:

Speaking of Facebook, check out this teaser from Kay L himself… a video accompaniment to Love From Me!


DL Down3r touring from May to June!

Sup fam! Are you in the area of any of these places in the below list? Because Down3r will be coming to YOU soon! Each event page linked has any extra details you may need. But DL is gonna go on tour to everywhere from Missouri to Helena to Rock Springs to Oklahoma! Check out if you’re lucky enough to be near one of the chosen locations, and hopefully you can come along for a party you won’t forget!


DL Down3r “44 Years Of Pain Tour”
30th May-1st June 2019
South Omaha’s Finest Tequila Garage Bar- 4971 Q St, Omaha, Nebraska 68117
Doors 6pm
Show 7pm
Pre-sale $15
Day of. $20
VIP. $40 (includes ticket)

Friday, 31 May 2019
Whiskey Dick’s- 212 Cunningham Dr, Sioux City, Iowa 51106
8:30 PM-1:30 AM
$15 Advance
$20 At the door
$40 Meet & Greets

DL Down3r A.K.A. Mr. SUGA BOOM BOOM 44 years of pain tour
Saturday, 1 June 2019
INT’L VIBE- 2316 Northwest Vivion Road, Northmoor, Missouri 64150
9 PM-1 AM
General Admission $20
At the door $25

DL Downer aka Mr. Suga Boom Boom – Live In Helena
Sunday, 26 May 2019 from 19:00-23:59 MDT
Silver City Saloon 6042 Lincoln Rd W, Helena, Montana 59602
Tickets $15

DL Downer aka Mr. Suga Boom Boom – Live In Laramie
Tuesday, 28 May 2019 from 19:00-23:59 MDT
The Laramie Center 207 1/2 South 3rd Street, Laramie, Wyoming 82070
Tickets $15

DL Downer aka Mr. Suga Boom Boom – Live In Rock Springs
Wednesday, 29 May 2019 from 19:00-23:59 MDT
Eagles Aerie 151 Rock Springs 211 B St, Rock Springs, Wyoming 82901
Tickets $15

DL DOWN3R live at Midnight Riders
Sunday, 2 June 2019 at 20:00 CDT
Midnight Riders Club 2805 N Main St, McAlester, Oklahoma 74501
$10 in advance
$15 at the door

Yeah, we know, that’s a lot, huh? Down3r is pretty much booked. But don’t feel too bad if none of those venues are anywhere near you… it’s not like this is his last tour ever! We’ll post updates as soon as new tour dates are confirmed and nothing is definitively off the table, so stay tuned! Fans overseas and in other US states, we hear you! Boy do we hear you! Your excitement and outcry are hard to miss, and we take comfort that it’s because you all love big DL so much!

But for the newbies in the crowd, consider this the introduction to the rest of your hip hop life:

We’re sure that you’ll fall in love with this song as soon as you put it on. Bump Suga Boom Boom with pride and get lost in its catchiness! There’s a reason that DL’s music has qualified for a movie placement- they have true quality.

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

And check out DL’s cover of River!


LadyDice is gonna make May one awesome month!

We’re not that far into May and already things look promising, musically speaking. Most of that is thanks to our very own LadyDice and the exciting prospects of two awesome tours from her in just a few short days! And to top it all off, both events take place on the same day! On the lucky day of Friday May 10th, LadyDice can be found down Colorado way, first for the LadyDice W/Big MIKE (208 MUSIC) event from 17:00-02:00 MDT, and then until 20:00 MDT she’ll be gracing the
LadyDice Meet & Greet Car Show! Both of these events take place at the Sportswatch Bar & Grill, 6801 Lowell Blvd, Westminster, Colorado 80221, and we’re sure she’ll love to see all you diehard fans there!

Ivan the Hittmann set up a pre-concert car show and would appreciate the lowrider scene’s support 😎😎. There is no entry fee for the car show! The Meet And Greet is all ages, and the lowrider show will be held from 5PM-8PM with $30 VIP, then the night will keep going with a 21+ show after 8PM with $20 presales!

For more info on the Big Mike event, click here!

For more info on the Meet & Greet, click here!

Weather promises to be mostly sunny so far so go check it out and meet one of the up and coming stars of our musical generation!

If you need to discover LadyDice for the first time, we got you covered.

LadyDice is a name that is becoming prominent in the hip hop scene. An inspirational presence, she first made a name for herself with the song Scars, which contained a message intended to save a life.

Since then, she’s progressively snowballed into higher and higher tiers of popularity, and her vocals are now going viral with her appearance in the Suga Boom Boom acapella in the Gypsy Tattoo Parlour!

LadyDice’s career is going strong and shows no signs of slowing down! To get acquainted with this standout personality, all you need to is watch this interview!

LadyDice Official Website:

LadyDice Beast Album Spotify: