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DJ Central is a global EDM ( Electronic Dance Music ) TV show that features the hottest DJ’s playing the hottest hits, great artists, awesome remixes and mash ups. The show integrates EDM music with lifestyle segments featuring our great compares discussing music news, gossip, and new music suggested by DJ’s from all over the world. The show has segments on great night clubs around the world and the global club EDM culture from all over the planet.

The show is focussed on providing independent labels and artists from all over the world the opportunity to gain global exposure for their music and reach new fans via our weekly 1.5 hour show episodes. If you would like to get your video clip on the show them please email us at support@djcentral.tv

DJ Central is now available on Foxtel, Sony TV, Samsung TV, SPB TV, Vimeo, Qello, Xbox Live and Sony Play Station. We are constantly adding new networks every month that feature and play the show. For a full list of networks and for details on where you can watch DJ Central TV please go to the syndication page under the ABOUT section in this website.

DJ Central’s Latest Episodes

  • Inna and her top 20 hit "Amazing"

  • Ferry Corsten and his song "Aint No Stoppin"

  • Alvaro and his song "Make The Crowd GO"

  • La Boum Fatale and their song 'AAA'

  • K-Liostro and his song "Not Free To Love, the Club Mix"

  • The Dugites and their live performance of "Juno And Me"

  • Alexander Wirth & Florian Scheibein and their song "Material of Silence"

  • The Dugites and their live 1984 performance "Gay Guys"

  • The Dugites and the extended version of their song "Cut The Talking"

  • The Dugites and their song "Juno And Me"

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